For students

It's good to spend your internship with Egis. Why?

  • because you can become familiar with the newest technological processes and equipment
  • because you can learn the pharmaceutical industry at home as well as globally
  • because there is a vast pool of expertise available
  • because you can find long term career opportunities.


Mandatory internship

At Egis, we provide the opportunity for college and university students to spend their mandatory internship with us. We are primarily looking forward to receiving applications from 2nd and 3rd year pharmacist and 3rd year BSc chemical and biotechnology students.                            
If you would like to apply for internship with us, please send us your professional resume together with a photograph as well as your cover letter to one of the contacts specified here.

Within your cover letter, specify the area of expertise where you would like to spend your internship as well as its planned start time and timeframe. This will facilitate the selection process and help us find the best place for YOU.
To: Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC HR Division

Studies for Scientific Students' Associations Conference

For Egis, it is important that students address the issues of health, quality, and future sciences in a conscious manner. This is why we are making it possible for students to select a topic from the area of pharmaceutical production as part of their Scientific Student Club. We also provide the opportunity for the research work necessary to write these papers.

To: Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC HR Division

Part-time student work

Egis offers the opportunity to also gain professional experience while conducting your university studies. As opposed to the mandatory traineeship, which takes a few weeks, most of our openings offered to students are based on the long term.  We are planning to work together for at least half a year. We primarily prefer pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology, as well as chemist students when filling the positions, but we also receive mechanical engineering students on occasions.
See the menu item Career for details and current openings.

Please send your application to the e-mail address hr@egis.huwhen applying for general student work, and make sure it contains your resume as well as a cover letter.


Students working as students at Egis also have the opportunity to write their thesis related to their own work. This makes it possible for them to learn about an actual professional subject in more detail, thereby also expanding their professional experiences.

To: Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC HR Division

Job Fairs

Job fairs offer an excellent opportunity for students to meet us! We participate at the fair organized by the Technical University each year (in the fall as well as in the spring), where you can meet a few colleagues of specific fields within Egis in person, as well as the HR staff participating in recruitment and selection. During the meeting, you can gain an overview of the current open positions and also an impression of what it is like to work with us. We are looking forward to meet all interested students at our stand at the next fair!